poison_bottle_fumes_275x400Your choices are simple, continue to poison yourself and your family, or you can find alternative products that are much safer.

Before reading this page, it is suggested that you at least read some of the other pages on this website, as it is important that you understand the mission of this website in regards to the passion of exposing the truth, and offering viable alternatives to the toxic slop we are being poisoned with. Please read the WELCOME PAGE,  and the ABOUT PAGE if you haven’t already done do.


Your choices are simple:

  • You may continue to use the toxic products (that destroy your health) which you find on store shelves, and continue to poison yourself and your family.
  • You can find alternative products that are much safer.


In today’s society, people are used to living in their “comfort zone.” What this means is that there are some of you who will read the material offered on this website, agree with it, and yet do nothing other than to continue doing what you have always done. People tend to hate change, even if that change is for the better.

If this describes you, please beware, because you are not considering one extremely important point… cancer will change your life in ways you cannot even imagine. You can choose to eliminate the toxic products quickly and easily from your life by making a few simple changes now, or you can wait for your doctor to give you some very bad news, and be forced to make some very unwanted changes.

No one can make you take action, and no one can change you, but we can certainly encourage you to make these changes before it’s too late, before you  face the regret that so many others have faced. Many have lost their lives or their loved ones because of these toxic products… please don’t become a member of the toxic statistic society.

If you have doubts, feel a bit uncomfortable, have questions or concerns you need to discuss, pick up your phone and call now. Please don’t leave here feeling confused and therefore do nothing because of your concerns or questions. That’s why this website is here, that’s why I am here…to encourage you and to assist you in making these tough decisions.

Don’t let anxiety, fear, or confusion prevent you from taking action or from calling. Just pick up your phone and call 803-580-5205 now. I am on the phone a lot, so please leave a message if I don’t answer and I’ll call you back as soon as possible. Please let me know which time zone you live in, and what is the best time, or times to return your call according to your time zone. When I am out of the office, I do check my messages often.


At I have aligned myself with a company that carries 100% organic toxic free and chemical free products. While there are some companies that offer toxic free products, these usually are not chemical free products, therefore I chose to align myself with the only company I have found that offers these as organic products. Having an organic designation is an added level of comfort and security for you and your family as well as for mine.

In today’s economy, not everyone can afford organic products, and for you there is a solution as well, keep reading…

If your budget is very tight due to the economy, yet you really want to buy organic products, please contact me, and I can show you how you can afford to buy what you need simply by telling your friends, family, and co-workers about this website and how they may also be unknowingly poisoning their families. Yes, you can earn money by telling others about, just visit the CONTACT PAGE and get in touch now!

The best part about telling others and earning referral fees is…. they will buy their products month after month after month, just as they do now, and as long as they continue to buy their products, you will keep earning referral fees every month! This is called residual income, and is the secret to how many people acquire financial freedom.

It’s time to become Toxic Free, and Financially Free!
Contact me or the person who invited you to this website now to learn how!

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