The Story


It’s time for your annual checkup with the Doctor. You wake up, take a shower, eat, get dressed, and get there a little early. You’re feeling good about your appointment this year. Last year you set a New Year’s Resolution to take better care of yourself and you stuck to it.

You’re exercising, you’re eating better. You’ve cut back on the fast food, you pack lunch once in awhile, and you’ve eliminated some of the stress in your life. You’ve never felt better.

The doctor goes through all of the usual procedures, takes the usual blood samples, tells you that everything looks good and how proud he/she is of how you have stuck to your New Year’s Resolution and that you’ll get a phone call once the blood samples come back from the lab.

Yes, you’re feeling good. What an awesome year it has been, you have finally gotten your life together, you’ve lost those extra pounds you hated, you look better, and your feel much better. Life is great!


Several days later your phone rings. It’s your doctors office. They would like for you to come in to see the doctor to review the results of your blood tests. They have an appointment available for you tomorrow first thing in the morning.

You set the appointment, but after you get off the phone, you suddenly have this feeling of worry rush over you. In the past, they have called to let you know your blood test came back fine and that was the end of it. But this time…they want you to come back to review your blood test with the Doctor.  Why?

You want to call back, but you know that they are only going to tell you that the doctor will discuss things with you in the morning, so you decide to wait.

frustrated_at_my_desk_200x175Worry sets in. Why have they brought you back in so quickly? Is this something serious, or is it just that there is something minor and the doc wants to discuss a plan of action to set things right? Your mind is racing like crazy. But you decide that you have been taking very good care of yourself, and you feel better than you ever have before, so it must be something minor. You set your mind at ease, you know that it’s all going to be ok. After all, bad things happen to other people.

You feel confident now. You get a good nights sleep, get up in the morning and rush to the doctors office. You even get there a little early.

They take you straight in to see the doc. There is no waiting, the doctor is ready to see you immediately. Oh…how sweet, no waiting. This is a first. It’s going to be a great day after all!

But there is a problem. The doc has a very concerned look. The news isn’t good.

What? How did this happen? You’ve been taking good care of yourself. Bad things don’t happen to you, only to other people. This must be a dream.  But this isn’t a dream. This is reality.  Now what?


Let’s look at the Big 3 Diseases:

  • If you have cancer:  When you ask what is next, you may hear that you only have a few months to live, or you may hear that it is early still and you can do something about it, and the options they give are usually chemo and radiation, or surgery, or both.
  • orange_medication_bottle_white_pillsIf you have heart disease: You might wind up in surgery if it is serious enough, or you could wind up on a ton of medication, and if it isn’t serious yet, the doc may give you a few prescriptions and tell you to cut back on certain types of food such as pork or beef due to the dangers these now pose to your situation.
  • If you have diabetes: If it is serious enough, you could wind up on insulin or any other number of medications depending on how serious the situation is.  The doc may also suggest you change some of your dietary habits along with a few other suggested lifestyle changes.

All of these can be very serious problems, and you hope that you never hear this bad news in your lifetime.  Sadly, this is happening to people every day. This story could be you, you could be next. As a matter of fact, The American Cancer Society has said that by the year 2050, everyone will have cancer.  Which year between now and then will the doc give you the bad news?


Ladies and gentlemen, this isn’t by mistake, this is by design…and is here to show you how you can take action to keep the above story from being your own.  You have two choices at this point.  You can choose to educate yourself (we’re here to assist in getting you started) or you can choose to wait until the doc calls you back to review the results of your blood test and check up.

Won’t you join us on this incredible journey, as piece by piece we put this ugly puzzle together so that you can see the ugly truth for yourself… The Poison Truth.  Once you understand that you are being poisoned without your consent or knowledge, and how they are doing it, you will be able to take action to protect yourself and those you care about.  Are you ready to learn how you can get safe products that are chemical free, 100% organic, and non toxic for your family?  Visit our Contact Us page, we’re waiting to hear from you!


  1. jerry gibson

    All seems overwelling. I know I must do something but don’t know where to start or who to believe. Finished chemo and radiation for tongue cancer in 2011. Seems like everytime I go to the dermatologist I have new squamous cell ca. Feels like i’m doomed

  2. Poison Truth

    Hi Jerry, you’re not alone, your story is so similar to many others. People just don’t know where to turn. I’ll be happy to assist if I can. Please visit our Contact Page. You can email or call. You left your email address with your comment, and I’ll attempt to reach you as well.

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