Food: Do you have any idea what you are really eating?

More and more people are starting to pay attention to what they eat, but there are so many who don’t.  Those who aren’t paying attention are simply trusting that those charged with protecting your health are doing their job.  If you have placed your trust in those gov’t agencies who are charged with protecting you and your family, you are in for a big surprise, because they aren’t. is here to expose this incredible injustice, and it isn’t necessary to offer you scientific evidence, or link upon link to experts who are expounding upon this simple truth.  All that is necessary is for you to go to your pantry, or to the grocery store and read the labels on your food.

Is there poison in YOUR food?Question #1: Do you have any idea what those ingredients are?  If you eat only organic food, you won’t have a ton of chemical ingredients, you’ll have a few simple things on your label that will be easy to understand and chances are you will have very few questions if any at all.  However, if you eat the chemical phood found in most grocery stores, you will have a list of chemicals (and it’s usually a very long list), on your label that you won’t understand which means you are trusting those gov’t agencies who are charged with protecting you from being fed toxic ingredients that are unsafe for you and your family.

Question #2:  If you are eating chemical phood, do you have any idea the danger these chemicals pose to your health?  If you did, you would not be buying these products.  Your food labels, or pehaps it would be best to call them “phood labels,” are tricky to read and understand.  There are quite a number of things that do not mean what you assume you mean, and the law allows for this to happen and the phood companies take full advantage of this fact.

A Quick Look At A Few Ingredients…

How often do you see the term “All Natural” on the front of the package?  It is there on many packages, but what does it mean?  Absolutely nothing.  Everything in this world can be labeled natural because it came from nature since it obviously originated on this planet.  Here’s a hint… if you see the term “natural” let the buyer beware.  That is a big red flag that something is wrong.  This warning also applies to any other similar terms.  There are no regulations governing these terms.

It was reported a number of years ago that the terms “spices” and “natural flavors” allow the phood companies to put thousands of ingredients into your food without telling you what they are.  This can be a bit tricky because spices could mean exactly what it says, or it could mean exactly what you just read, which means it could be almost anything they want to put into your food.  Here’s a tip…if it says “spices” be very careful.  If it says “natural flavor” drop the product and run for the hills.  Why?  Keep reading….

A recent report showed that there is an Oatmeal product that has small pieces of strawberries in it.  The problem is that those little pieces of strawberries aren’t really strawberries.  These little berry look alikes are actually flavored from the anal glands of a beaver.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is the kind of stuff the FDA allows for in your food ingredients.  Ooops, sorry, meant to say “phood ingredients.”

Tasty poisonMSG is just one of many ingredients that has a shocking story behind it.  It is another ingredient that doesn’t belong in our food supply, but it is allowed anyway.  To hide it, there are now many names for MSG, and if the MSG they put into your food isn’t 100% MSG, they aren’t required to put it on the label.

The public has also been lied to about artificial sweeteners such as High Fructose Corn Syrup and Aspartame.  These and many other ingredients are not what they appear to be and are should not be consumed, but yet you will find them in many products on the grocery store shelves, all allowed for the the FDA.

The bottom line is this…

The American Cancer Society reported that by the year 2050 everyone will have cancer.  At we believe that this is not an accident but is actually by design.  The reason for this belief is simple, our gov’t agencies are allowing tons of toxins to be used in the ingredients of these products we use and consume, when their duty is to protect us from this very thing.  Obviously, something is wrong with this picture.  Is this an accident?  Not hardly.

What you put into your mouth, and what you put onto your body (ingredients that absorb into your skin) determines your overall health.  Yes, you can argue that there are a few other factors in this equation such as the environment and air pollution, and you would be accurate in your assessment, but you have a choice what you put into your mouth and what you put into your body. thinks you have a right to know what the ingredients of these products are and that you have a right to choose not to poison yourself with the toxic ingredients the supposed protectors of our health allows for.

Your Options

You can choose to ignore what you have just read, but please realize that sometime between now and 2050, your doctor will be giving you some bad news.  Your other option, take the time to review the information here on this website.  The creator of this website is not a scientific expert, but does take the time to look at product labels and ask some very important questions, and then research what those ingredients are and what effect they may have on your health.  You can easily do the same, and is here to assist you in getting started on this journey.

You comments and questions are encouraged, but please realize that comments are moderated, and argumentative and aggravative comments will not be approved.  This website is for serious discussion about the toxins in your food/phood and in your personal care products.  All other comments will be ignored/deleted.

Are you unknowingly poisoning yourself?  That answer is found on the ingredient label of your food and your personal care products.  Please read them carefully.  If you think your ingredients are toxic and you would like products that are 100% safe, and 100% chemical free, please contact us immediately, before you forget.

If the above information has you a little concerned, please watch the videos below.  These videos are not produced by but are very informative.

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