If you want to catch a mouse, put a mouse trap out and put bait on it.  If you want to catch a fish, put the kind of bait on the hook the fish likes, and you’ll most likely catch a fish.  But what do you do when you realize you are the one being baited, the one being hunted, the one being experimented on?  What then?

You have two basic choices, you can be passive and let them do it, or you can educate yourself and fight back.  Let’s say it another way…. “Ignore your health and it will go away.”

Face it, the body you have, the body you live in, it’s the only one you’re going to get.  It’s up to you to take care of it.  If you don’t, you’ll lose it.  If you allow others to make those decisions, you won’t like the results.  You see, the results are cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and a whole host of other diseases that you never want to hear the doctor tell you that you have.

Let’s take a long hard look at what is causing all of these terrible health problems, and once you understand the game being played, you will then be able to understand the rules of the game, and you’ll then be able to take much better care of that body you live in.  The game being played is called The Toxic Game, a puzzle of sorts.  Here’s a picture of that puzzle and below that picture you will find an explanation of how this game is played, and what you can do to play the game according to your terms.

Toxic Poison



This toxic puzzle starts with the outer circle, and is completely dependent on your cooperation.  You are the outer circle.  But what kind of cooperation is the toxic puzzle demanding of you?  It’s simple really, they don’t want you to do anything but to just follow along with their plans, which most people are doing.  When you take the time to educate yourself about what they are doing, well…let’s just say that becomes a problem and they don’t like it.


The next circle, a vital piece to this toxic puzzle, is insurance.  Insurance just happens to be the bank in this equation, and all the money flows through this bank.  Without insurance, the money just wouldn’t flow.  When you examine this carefully, you’ll quickly realize why they passed a new law REQUIRING everyone to get insurance.  The more people who are paying insurance, the more money there will be in the bank.  Add to that the fact that many people are reporting that not only are their insurance rates being hiked up quite a lot, so are their deductibles.  The key to this equation… just follow the money.  It almost always tells the whole story, but… there are a few more pieces to this toxic puzzle, so let’s get right to it…


The next circle is what practically guarantees your cooperation.  Cooperation depends on your trust and what better way to get your trust than to create Gov’t agencies empowered to protect you.  These agencies are designed to make sure that the food you eat, the drugs you take, and the products you use are safe for your consumption, and once you believe that, your trust and cooperation enables the Toxin Poison Trap to work effectively.

Let’s take a look at the industries these gov’t agencies are supposed to be protecting us from, the four industries within the small circles in the image above.


The toxic poison trap starts right here… with the food industry.  One of the most important aspects of good health begins with what you put into your mouth.  When you eat good healthy nutritious food, you’ll experience good health.  Even if you have other unhealthy habits, a good diet may help you overcome those bad habits to a large degree.

Sadly, today’s grocery store is nothing like those home cooked meals from many years ago.  Read the label on your food and you’ll see why.  There are so many chemicals on those labels that it can be questioned whether or not it even meets the definition of food.  It might be better to start calling it phood.  What are those chemicals anyway?  If you haven’t taken a closer look, perhaps you should, they are chemicals, not food.  These chemicals are toxic, and are the beginning of future health problems.

Now it’s time to ask why people aren’t questioning the fact that these toxic chemicals are in your food?  It’s simple… remember those gov’t agencies mentioned earlier?  The public trusts that they are making the food companies use healthy ingredients.  A quick simple reading of the food labels prove this fact to be totally and completely wrong, but people are not doing that.  They are cooperating by not paying attention because they believe that our gov’t can be trusted.


The product industry is very similar to the food, oops, meant to say phood industry.  The personal care products found in your bathroom, and your laundry room are also loaded with toxic chemicals, some so toxic that the safety data sheets for these chemicals instruct you to avoid skin contact, and yet these very same chemicals wind up in products like shampoo, and toothpaste.  How does this happen, and why?  And yet, if you simply read the labels, you’ll see that the evidence is right in front of your eyes.

But wait, you don’t know what all of those chemicals are, do you?  On this website you’ll find a list of the Top Ten Toxic Ingredients found in your personal care products.  Read it carefully, then check the products in your bathroom, and be prepared for what you will find.  Be warned that you won’t like it.

Just like the phood you eat, your personal care products are full of toxic ingredients, and the questions bears asking… WHY?


You’re probably wondering how the medical industry fits into this equation.  After consuming toxic food, and using toxic personal care products, people are going to start experiencing many different kinds of illnesses as their immune system is slowly over loaded with toxins..  Scratch that last sentence, many already are experiencing illnesses, and many are dying as a result of what those toxins are doing to their bodies, toxins that the very gov’t agencies who are charged with our well being are allowing in our food and our personal care products (you are beginning to ask WHY, right?).  But….the medical industry is a part of this equation because they are necessary in order to get you to the next piece of the puzzle.  Keep reading…


You’ve seen the commercials… “Ask your Doctor today if _______ is right for you!”  And that is followed up with a long list of side effects which is delivered in a tone of voice that somehow makes you feel like those side effects really don’t matter. Have you ever paused to listen to those side effects?  You should do that some time.  Ignore the nice way they deliver them, and pay attention to what those side effects really are.  Sometimes those side effects leave you thinking “lawsuit waiting to happen.”

Drug companies are not in business to cure disease.  If they were able to do that, they would go out of business.  The drug companies know that prescription drugs are big business.  That’s why there is a drugstore on almost every corner.  They are almost as close as the next Walmart, which also happens to have a drugstore inside.  Drug companies are not in business to cure disease, they are in business to make money.  Drugs treat symptoms, they do not cure disease.  Ponder that for a moment and you’ll realize the truth to that statement.

What happens when you visit your doctor?  Invariably, you walk out with a prescription most of the time.  Drugs and surgery, they are the cash cows of the medical industry.  When you follow the money, you’ll find your answers.  Where does the money come from?  Remember an earlier piece to this puzzle?  That’s right, the insurance industry.  That’s what make this whole puzzle work.  Without insurance, everything would collapse in a business sense, and we would be right back to doctors doing house calls, looking for the reasons you got sick in the first place rather than finding a reason to prescribe a pill.

Here’s the problem though…people have been mentally trained to want the quick and easy solution.  They want their symptoms treated, which makes them feel better, even if they aren’t better.  As long as they FEEL better, that’s all that matters for the moment.  This single fact plays right into the hands of this whole system, especially the role of trust as mentioned earlier.  “Give me a pill and make me feel better.”  That’s what it has come down to, and it makes the machine work.


Ahhhh…. the laws of the United States guarantees freedom of the press.  People love this and trust in it to a certain degree.  What they don’t see is how the press is manipulated.  How often do you see those multi-page ads in a magazine, or commercial after commercial about some new drug?  Pause for a moment and think about this.  For the next week, focus on this as you watch TV or read any magazine.  When you focus on this, you can’t miss it.

Those drug advertisements are big bucks to the media industry.  When any media outlet is about to publish negative news the drug industry doesn’t want published, the drug industry strong arms them into not running that news.  How do they accomplish this?  Simply by threatening to pull their advertising dollars.  Guess what?  It works.

The media is controlled by the almighty dollar.  This was a well planned strategy and guarantees that this puzzle of corruption continues to go unchecked.  The Gov’t agencies protect these industries rather than the people, and the media is controlled.  The people trust those they really can’t trust, and as a people, we are loaded down with toxins by the things we put into our mouth and onto our body.  These toxins cause health problems that keep us in the doctors office and on prescriptions drugs, and now everyone is required to pay insurance so that the money flows.  What an incredible picture we have here once the pieces of the puzzle have been put into place.


Now you’re wondering about that loop hole.  It’s simple…you’re trusting those you cannot and should not trust, and you do so blindly, therefore, these industries do whatever they want in the name of greed to keep the money flowing from us to them.  It’s a criminal act that they are legally getting away with, and no one really sees what is happening right before their eyes.

Hitler was right, if you want to hide something, leave it out in plain sight.  All you have to do is read the ingredients on your labels, the labels on your food, and on your personal care products, and on your prescriptions.  If you don’t know what those chemicals are, you should not be putting them into your body.  Take the time to read those labels, and the picture becomes very clear.  It really is that simple.


As consumers, WE dictate the market place. If we stop buying products with toxic ingredients, then these companies will stop making these products.  They won’t make products that just don’t sell. Will you continue to purchase these toxic products after learning the above information, or will you make the move to switch to products that are safe for you and your children? The choice is yours.  If you continue to purchase those products, you will no longer be unknowingly poisoning your family, you will be knowingly doing so.  Choosing to procrastinate, or choosing to do nothing is essentially the same thing, and either way, you are still making a choice.  Choose life, or choose death, that is the choice you are making.  Choose carefully.


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  1. If we do not change, get along and back to nature, become more active in educational on our choices we will be a empty planet no animals or humans take back our control over what we grow, fight for free energy, and go green Thanks for a great post.

  2. Hey! Great information and so true.. problem is, these governments and big businesses never get shown to be the true villains they are and fear (created by the media you talk of and company advertising) make people scared not to comply with the rest..

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