The Truth About Fluoride

What’s Really in Your Water?
You may have heard things about fluoride in your water being good for your teeth. But there’s another school of thought out there that calls that a huge fraud.

So have we been lied to?

This graphic is packed with information about the history and potentially negative effects of fluoride. You’ll also find tips for using alternative options when it comes to drinking water, cooking – even the food we buy and eat.

You may be surprised to learn what many think are the real reasons behind fluoridated water.

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Is Fluoride in your toothpaste?
Courtesy of Natural Healthy Concepts: The Truth About Fluoride [INFOGRAPHIC]

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“Fluoridation is the Greatest Case of Scientific Fraud of This Century”
Robert Carlton, Ph.D, former EPA Scientist, 1992


  • In 1947, the largest producer of toxic fluoride waste, ALCOA, was being threatened by damage lawsuits from workers & communities poisoned by industrial fluoride emissions. Proper disposal of fluoride is expensive, & the campaign to promote fluoride as a benefit for teeth (paid for the ALCOA) helped eliminate the waste at a profit. It went from being a hazardous waste to an active ingredient.


  • Fluoride is classified as an unapproved drug by the FDA & labeled as a toxic chemical waste product.
  • Fluoride in our water is the hazardous by-product of aluminum, steel, ceramic, phosphate fertilizer, & other chemical industries.
  • It is the main active ingredient in rat poison, & most toothpaste & mouth wash.


  • 33 studies report a strong association between exposure to fluoride & reduced IQ.
  • At least 3 human studies report an association between fluoride exposure & impaired visual-spatial organization
  • 4 other studies found an association between prenatal fluoride exposure & fetal brain damage.


  • A multi-million dollar US National Institutes of Health (NIH) – funded study found no relation between tooth decay and amount of fluoride ingested by children.
  • The largest survey ever conducted in the US by the National Institute of Dental Research showed little difference in tooth decay among children in fluoridated and non fluoridated communities.


  • According to the Canadian Public Health Association, the acute lethal dose of fluoride for the average person is 2.2 grams.
  • Poison control warns to call if .25 mg of fluoride toothpaste is swallowed.
  • A single glass of tap water can contain this much!


  • According to research, fluoride increases lead absorption, causes dementia, genetic damage and cell death, increases tumor and cancer rate, causes hyperactivity and lethargy, lowers thyroid a function, disrupts immune system, causes muscle disorders, bone cancer and bone fractures, increases infertility causes brain damage, reduces melatonin production, causes arthritis and even death


  • Symptoms associated with low-grade fluoride poisoning include excessive thirst, headaches, blurred vision, arthritis, gastrointestinal disturbances, and excessive urination.
  • These will usually disappear if fluoridated water is replaced by distilled or spring water with a low fluoride level.


  • Healthy adult kidneys excrete 50 to 60 percent of fluoride ingested each day. The rest accumulates in the body mostly in calcifying tissues such as the bones and pineal gland.
  • Infants and children excrete less fluoride from their kidneys and take up to 80 percent of ingested fluoride into their bones. The fluoride concentration in bones steadily increases over a lifetime.


  • Even though the ADA and the CDC have issued warnings that parents not use fluoridated tap water to make infant formula, neither of them has openly informed the public.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) considers fluoridation of water one of the greatest achievements in public health in the 20th century.


  • Hitler put fluoride in the water so his prisoners wouldn’t resist domination.  By slowly poisoning and narcotizing a certain area of the brain, they would be quiet and submissive.
  • “Any person who drinks artificially fluoridated water for a period of one year or more will never again be the same person mentally or physically.” ~ Charles E. Perkins, Chemist, October 2, 1954


  • Tea drinking alone and in excess can cause low level fluoride poisoning and arthritis.
  • The concentration of fluoride can become dangerously high in long periods of cooking and boiling water that’s fluoridated.
  • Reverse osmosis filters, distilled or bottled water are the only way to avoid fluoride in water.


  • Some supermarkets offer “fill up” water that is treated by osmosis. Drink and cook with it. Serve your pets non-fluoridated water also.
  • Buy organic food and avoid all non organic processed foods.
  • Grow your own garden.
  • Take iodine – a necessary mineral that helps rid the body of fluoride.


Tell a lie loud enough and long enough and people will believe it. ~ Adolf Hitler

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And you thought your toothpaste was safe, didn’t you?   Sometimes, the truth is hard to swallow.  Consider the evidence above, then ask yourself why they are putting toxins in our products?

There are some people who will read the above information, refuse to believe it, laugh at it, and continue putting toxic ingredients into their body, feeling safe and that there is no way the people we trust with our safety would ever do such a thing to us.  There are those who will read the above information, realize they they are slowly being poisoned, and decide that enough is enough, it’s time to find products that are safe, and non-toxic.

As consumers, we dictate the market place.
If we stop buying products with toxic ingredients, then these companies will stop making these products. Will you continue to purchase these toxic products after learning the above information, or will you make the move to switch to products that are safe for you and your children? The choice is yours.

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